Why is Montreal so popular with Bachelor Parties?

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Why is Montreal so popular with Bachelor Parties?

The idea of a Bachelor party itself is changing, and while older generations were happy with pub crawls and pranks many younger grooms-to-be want more modern activities. It can be a difficult task to try and please all everyone though and that’s maybe why bachelor parties are a such common sight in the City of Montreal. Renown across North America as a city of mischief, and one of the best places to party, Montreal offers something for everyone. From it’s summer of festivals to it’s famous food, every indulgence is covered.

Parties in Montreal can get pretty wild and bachelor parties are no exception, the city is notorious liberal and open yet it’s often called “the worlds biggest small town”. Grab one of the many apartments downtown and everything you could want is in walking distance. It’s becoming more popular to have a bachelor weekend these days though as the city has more than enough to fill multiple days and nights.

People say Montreal is a meeting of Europe and North America, and this is certainly true when it comes to food, as American portions meet French quality. Most visitors to Montreal will want to hit one of the many famous smoked meat deli’s and also fill up on poutine before a heavy night of drinking. Although there’s a reason why the cities signature dishes are so sought after, if meat and gravy aren’t your thing there’s China Town or multitude of modern, more healthy veggie places.

For those that want more of a “bachelor experience” than party there is a whole host of day time activities that are gaining popularity. From Axe Throwing to the Famous “Rage Room” uptight members of the party can release some of that stress. Those looking for calmer waters can hit the river, rent a canoe and explore the historic waterways.

Of course no bachelor party would be complete without a few beers which is where Montreal really comes into it’s own. The beer snobs in the party can sip on a endless list of craft ales or wilder ones can easily find places to throw down the cheap shots. Downtown caters for everyone and there are numerous great Irish pubs to start out in before heading to livelier quarters. It also hosts the cities red light district for those so inclined. Montreal has a history of vice and misbehaviour
going back to it’s founding. While the city is safer and friendlier than it ever has been it still offers the traditional bachelor party fare of strip clubs to escorts, in abundance.

Time a visit right, and you can hit a host of brilliant festivals covering any genre you can think of. Get your timing wrong and you’ll probably stubble into one anyway, during the warmer months stages are erected around the cities parks and plaza’s creating a seemingly endless party atmosphere.

More organised members of the party may want an itinerary, and there is certainly enough to fill one, but the city also invites itself to be explored. Ask at the bar what’s going on that weekend and most locals are happy to help. You don’t have to spend hours trailing the net planning the perfect weekend making sure everyone is catered for, just grab a place to sleep, roll into town and enjoy.

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