Welcome to Scarlet Playmates, it is an absolute pleasure for us to serve you. Whether it be for a dinner date, birthday party, bachelor party or even a last minute booking we are more than glad to be of service. Please, give us a call at your leisure and our team will be happy to oblige.



Scarlet Playmates prides itself in recruiting the most exquisite of ladies all well-versed in seduction and conversation to delight and entertain you as per your desire. Whether it be fantasy, fetish or simply a night of easy-going fun, we commit ourselves to making sure your rendezvous is as exceptional as the woman of your choice. Please consult our copious selection of stunning models to find the one best suited to meet your needs.


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Available Escorts

Looking for a relaxing evening with a beautiful companion? Look no further, our vast team are true specialists in the art of companionship and party planning. Each of our companions are selected and represented for their beauty, class and experience in catering to the upper echelons of clientele. Browse our gallery and we guarantee there is someone for everyone, beauty and taste is subjective. Let us guide you towards a memorable evening with the perfect companion.

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Guests often wonder what kind of girl could suit them best. Well, if you want to have fun, you definitely want to have a brunette with you. They are amazing companions for any type of adventure and playtime. Brunettes are known for their enthusiasm and their sparkling spirit. They are smart and sexy, a perfect combination. They are friendly and smiling, and brunettes tends to get you quickly. You will get a good connection with any of our brune girls. These ladies are adventurous, spontaneous and funny, always ready for any opportunities and propositions. They like to get off the beaten tracks and put a little spice in their time with any willing guest. With a brunette, everything is possible. Our beauties are available to show you how to have a time like you never had before, whatever activities you want to experience with them.

If you have special requests, our girls are ready to serve you with what you are asking for. They are the best to fulfil any fantasies you may dream of, and give you even more than you could imagine. Let yourself be surprised with a classic brunette that will give you a taste of heaven.